M – 1969 – 19 – Illinois

Well I was coming of age in the late 60s.  It was the period of experimentation with mind-expanding chemicals.  It was during one of these altered states that I THINK I lost my virginity.  I apologize for my lack of clarity…I am pretty sure it was the big event.


What I can tell you about with great confidence is the time I got to THIRD BASE!
It was 1968. Chris and I were going steady.  That meant lots of make-out sessions in the car and on the couch. I was making steady headway around the bases.  No easy task!  The parents were fundamentalist Christians. Countless base runs were thwarted. Tagged out by the Old Testament.

Then there was THAT soft summer night.   We had just seen the movie Barbarella (sexy Jane Fonda). We were parked in her driveway in my parents Dodge Coronet*.  “Day Dream Believers” by the Monkeys was wafting from the radio. Her parents (and their Bible) were out of town.
The stars were aligned and it was all systems go!!

I rounded second and slid into third! I don’t think that I have to tell this readership what pleasures were in the offering **.

Yes!Home base was looming…uncharted territory …full steam ahead! I unleashed my seminal move… only to be impaled on the gear shift lever!

* Germane to this story is the fact that 1968 Dodge Coronets were equipped with a floor mount manual transmission stick.
** I was obviously more affected by the story above than the actual act of intercourse
*** I wish I had lost my virginity that night with my steady girlfirend instead of with someone I have no memory of
**** It was the right age and it felt like a natural rite of passage


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